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Concert Notes
July 11, 2002 First day of work. EVER. I felt pretty stupid in my blue Hawaiian shorts and white dress shirt while everyone else was in black pants. Unfortunately, I hadn't picked up my new work pants yet, so I had no choice. Alex and I got assigned to Prom 1; Anthony, this really cool black guy, is our supervisor. Prom 1 consists of the rich seats, all the boxes are the responsibility of Prom 1. We start working the earliest and our job is the hardest because we actually have to walk people up to their boxes and then help them set up their tables and stuff if they need it. An upside is that we're really close (closer than I've ever been before) to the stage, and we can see really well during the concert. I was on Aisle 7 with a not very talkative guy named Alex Hoffman. He explained stuff to me and then spent the rest of the night in silence. Tonight's concert was a Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten, Beethoven Violin Concerto, and Sibelius Symphony No. 5. The Britten thing was extremely odd. It sounded like a monotone with long, held out dissonant chords changing arbitrarily. The Beethoven was pretty good...that girl had a heck of a nice violin, a Strad to be exact. I get off at 9:00 pm every night because I'm under 16, so I generally get to listen to whatever's after intermission sitting at a pretty good seat. The Sibelius was weird...and I was cold because I didn't think to bring a sweater.