We got to the airport pretty early to meet Alex so he wouldn't have to wait alone.
Alex was checking out the features on our camera.
We tested out the multi-exposure feature on the cars going by outside the terminal.
It's pretty cool. Alex likes it too (it'll show up again later).
This is what happens when you turn the exposure time to 2 seconds in broad daylight.
We were pretty bored. And we couldn't wait inside because then my mom wouldn't be able to get in (they check boarding passes nowadays).
So we finally get on the plane. It's not very interesting; we slept most of the way.
The in-flight movie was Maid in Manhattan, so I actually did some homework and read a book for English.
There were actually more airplane wing pictures because Alex was trying to do this collage feature that didn't really work. But I deleted some because they were getting boring.
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