We got up early this morning (11:00 AM is early considering that we went to sleep at 5:00 AM) to check out and go to breakfast.
We ate a super expensive brunch place called Tavern on the Green in Central Park. It's the atmosphere; everything is beautiful and green and refreshing.
The food's really not that special. But they have a hall of mirrors (actually 2) in the restaurant.
And you can choose whether you want to eat outside, in this greenhouse thing, or inside.
We wandered into a private wedding in another greenhouse thing during our exploration of the restaurant. I think they were taking picture outside though so they didn't notice us.
The hallway full of mirrors is very cool. It's like in the Bhuddist Temple in Hacienda Heights or in Versailles (though I've never been there).
Alex and the cool piggy picture in one of the hallways in the restaurant. I noticed that we really like mirrors, especially taking random pictures in them... it's a recurring theme.
Central Park is huge and very green. It's a nice change from all the gray skyscrapers and buildings in the rest of the city.
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