We saw an ad in the subway map and decided the Guggenheim was worth a visit, just to see the architecture (we weren't really interested in the art).
It struck me that so much famous stuff is in New York. The inside of the Guggenheim is quite impressive.
That part of the building is circular and their are tiers that rise up and run all the way around. From the bottom, it's like looking at a bunch of balconies going up.
At the top, there's a huge pentagonal 3-D figure with screens on each side showing funky graphics things.
The outside is also very unique. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
After that, we rode back on the subway and walked to Tiffany's to see it when its open.
I'm eating "Breakfast at Tiffany's"! (Though it's not actually breakfast) Alex and Dave.
We got Mommy a mug but the Hello Deli is closed on Sundays. Nooo!
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