As I said, subways are very important. And of course, we're just bored as we wait for our train.
It's getting closer... and closer...
Now maybe now, but two second exposure is still pretty cool.
After Tiffany's, we walk over to Broadway and buy two Producers posters. And then it was "Goodbye New York!" on a dreary Sunday afternoon.
I tried to get a picture of the sunset from the plane but the wing kept getting in the way.
The clouds look like an ocean, huge, dark, and as far as the eye could see.
At 9:30 PM, we were back in LA. That was an awesome trip. It felt so different from the first time; I felt that I had experienced New York this time around. The late night wanderings, the Broadway shows, the midnight snacks. Everything was so real yet so extraordinary. I literally used up all my descriptive adjectives at some point or another during the trip: amazing, cool, awesome, exciting, larger than life, great, awe-inspiring. New York is all of these things and more. It was truly an experience I will never forget.
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