We went to sleep last night at around 3:00 am got up this morning at 1:45 pm. And our show was at 2! We just barely made it, probably missed two minutes of the first song.
We saw Producers first. It was awesome, very funny and entertaining.
It's about an out-of-work Broadway producer and a wimpy accountant who put together the "worst show ever" in order to scam their backers, except that it becomes a hit.
Phantom was right across the street, but that wasn't until 8.
We went to Restaurant Row (there's actually a street by that name, all along both sides are restaurants but they're all underground and kind of hidden) for dinner.
We ate at a really nice Italian restaurant with really good food that wasn't THAT expensive.
We went back at 8:00 for Phantom of the Opera. I had pretty high expectations for this one and it lived up to all of them.
The sets and costumes were very interesting (I liked the flying chandelier). We all thought that the singers in the company we saw are better than Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. Everything was awesome. These two shows were both really good choices, especially for afternoon and evening. Producers was more lighthearted and satirical, good for daytime. Phantom was grand and left me in awe.
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