We made it to New York! The cabdriver on the way in from JFK was interesting, very talkative.
We stayed in the Hilton in midtown, near Rockefeller Center. It's pretty nice. We like to take pictures in elevators.
Lexus supports the Lincoln Center. After we checked in, we went wandering around the city.
We went to Times Square. There are a lot of people awake and on the streets at night.
The world's largest Toys 'R Us is over there. The billboards make everything so bright. It looks like day, almost.
Reuters has a cool sign. Remember your first time... we will.
We hang out in that area for a while. There's so much to see. We walked around and marveled at the buildings and neon lights.
We went by the Ed Sullivan Theater on our way back to the hotel. Yay David Letterman!
We planned to come back the next day or the day after to get a mug for Mommy and get a sandwich from the Hello Deli.
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