The illuminate the front and nightshot the back is a cool effect. We had to do 3 times to get it right though because we kept moving too soon.
Photoshop is great. This is the docking bay for the ferry.
Took a picture with the cool, modern looking Terminal on our way out.
Afterwards, we started our stroll to see the sites in midtown. We're not sure what this building is...but the lighting after being photoshop-ed I thought was pretty cool.
We actually thought it was Empire State Building at first, but it's not. Saks 5th is on 5th Avenue!
There's a lot of cool stuff along 5th Ave. Atlas Shrugged. Alex's got some mad hops, eh?
The NBA store is cool. They had plasma screens showing the Mavs-Spurs game. And there was a giant playoff chart with the teams and who's advanced.
We were looking for Tiffany's but we missed it the first time around. This is the Plaza Hotel next to Central Park (just for you Rachel).
We found Tiffany's when we retraced our steps but it wasn't lit up. The doors our bolted, normally they have the glass revolving doors. There's two gyro stands outside our hotel. The food is awesome. And this pic was taken at 4:00 am, check out that line. One of the reasons that Alex really likes New York: good food in the middle of the night.
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